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Hello Friends! If you plan to book a room in Verona at our Hotel Martini, Piccolo or Porta Palio please: call us at +39045569400 and ask us all the questions you want! We like to give our guests the added value of a friendly operator who shows them all the possible accommodations and suggests the best in the specific requirements of each! We love our job so let us do it! If you're a super geek and you like to buy from the internet, so visit our website you will have the opportunity to purchase the best solution for you in total autonomy because all the informations that may be of interest are written in a clear and easily understandable way! Trust in us for your reservation, you will be satisfied! And don't forget: if you book directly with us we will gift you the Wifi internet browsing and the underground garage for your car! Not bad ah? We are waiting for you! Tel: +39045569400 email