Hotel Piccolo: Cheap, clean, free breakfast, great location! Fonte TRIPADVISOR

Price was great, especially considering that a buffet breakfast was included and the hotel was very close to the heart of Verona (about 15-20 mins walk away which feel like a breeze). Breakfast was not extravagant, but very appreciated and saved us some bucks. Options layed out on the buffet included toats, croissants, cheese, cold cuts/salami, jelly, nutella-type spread, coffee (from a machine--I suppose made with powder), juices (also from a machine), boiled eggs, yogurt, some breakfast cereal and musli, a few fruits and cake. Would definetely stay in this place again, if only for the pricing and location. Very easy to get to from the Porta Nuova train station. Bathroom was completely handicap accessible--we are not handicap, which made the bathroom setup appear strange, but appreciated that such a set up would be made available to those in need.